Reclaiming The Reach

After the Blackspear War, the Kingdom of the Sable Hart and it’s neighbouring kingdoms are starting to rebuild themselves.

Eighty years previous, the Blackspear orc tribe and their allies, having gathered in tremendous numbers, began a war to overthrow the Kingdom of the Sable Hart under the banner of the evil war god Bane. Gathering together a mixed force comprised of the Anvilwrought dwarves, elves from the Leafcrown Council and strong men and women from the many baronies of The Kingdom of the Sable Hart, King Onyx III created the Onyx Trident and led a campaign against the invaders.

After decades of hard fighting across the length and breadth of the three kingdoms, the Blackspear orcs were fought to a standstill in the barony of Fallcrest in the Nentir Valley. After an epic battle known as The Last Siege of Fallcrest the Blackspears were routed when their leader, Malleus Blackspear was killed in single combat by King Onyx IV, though it cost him his own life.

Six years after the war, a group of ex-military adventurers meet in the city of Fallcrest in the hopes of finding new purpose in the rugged land now known as The Nentir Reach.

Reclaiming The Reach

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